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Dicing Blades From ITI Diamond Abrasive Tooling
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Dear customers,
Industrial Tools Incorporated is pleased to announce that 100% of our factory and staff is here to fully support and meet the needs of all our customers.
Our employees health and the health of their families remains our #1 priority and we will be taking all precautions to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees while maintaining the social distancing guidelines.
We thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and patience throughout these unprecedented times and extend our well wishes to all of you and your families!
Thank you for your understanding. We will continue to update this message when more information is available or if conditions should change.
Priscilla M. Maes
Global Sales & Applications Manager
Industrial Tools Inc.
ITI is a world leading manufacturer of superabrasive products focused on Precision Dicing Blades and Fine-Grinding (Flat-Honing) Plates. Our products are used globally on an infinite variety of applications including semiconductor packaging, glass, ceramics, crystals, composites, silicon carbide, hard disk drives, compound semiconductors, Chip-LED, HP LED (High Power LED), quartz, and also a variety of metals.

All of the superabrasive products that ITI provides are custom tailored for your application and process. We maintain our global presence with local representatives to serve our customers in over 25 countries. We are continuously improving our R&D and manufacturing process to enhance the quality & life of our products, which allows us to reduce the total cost-of-ownership for our customers.

Please contact us to review your process and allow us to provide you with a cutting or grinding solution.

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ITI Dicing & Fine Grinding Products

Dicing Blades and Wheels
Dicing Blades and Wheels
ITI's precision dicing blades are manufactured for mounting to hubs and arbors on special saw machines for precision singulating, slicing, dicing and slotting semiconductor components, hard disk drive heads, precision glass components, etc. These dicing blades can be as thin as 0.003” (75 microns), and the dicing blades range in size from 0.5” to 8” O.D. (12mm to 200mm).
Fine Grinding (Fixed Abrasive) Plates
Fine Grinding (Fixed Abrasive) Plates
Used on fine grinding machines as a replacement for lapping processes for parts that require high parallelism and close dimensional control. Diameter of plates range from 450mm (17”) to over 1000mm (40”).
Hubs, Arbors and Spacers
Hubs, Arbors and Spacers
Used with dicing blades and wheels to ensure accurate mounting and alignment of individual dicing blades and gang applications. Arbors and hubs are typically made from aluminum, while spacers can be made from ceramic, carbide or titanium.
Dressing Boards and Sticks
Dressing Boards and Sticks
Typically made using a vitrified bond, these products extend the useful lives of dicing blades by freeing the abrasive particles.
ITI provides world leading high precision and quality blades for cutting ceramics such as alumina oxide, alumina nitride, LTCC, HTCC. Other applications include cutting crystals such as sapphire, lithium tantalate, lithium niobate. Glass, fused silica, quartz, silicon wafers, garnet, copper, mold compound and epoxy are many of the hard and brittle materials that are easily cut with ITI dicing blades.

Whether your product is ICs, CSP, MLF, QFN, DFN, BGA, PCB, or MEMS, you will be impressed with our superior cut quality, long blade life, and throughput achieved using our custom made dicing blades to cut your substrates.

Please feel free to contact us to request your customized dicing solution.